Lucky Charms, 23 Of Them Are From the Old World

The human body is believed to be able to absorb energy from the planets that revolve around the earth. But not all of these planets can bring luck, some planets contain bad effects. That’s why we need lucky charms.

Lucky charms are believed to be able to reduce or even eliminate exposure to negative energies, from evil planets, causes of the evil eyes, evil spirits, etc. However, in addition to its ability to ward off bad luck, lucky charms are also able to increase success and prosperity.

The following symbols of lucky charms have been used to ward off evil by their ancestors, and even add luck to those who carry them. Belief in amulets, mascots and the like is as old as man himself.

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Belief in lucky charm is still widespread among us today. There are still a lot of people who carry amulets, not something out of the ordinary like bringing rabbits’ feet or something. Even in some places, certain objects were built as a way to evil or to bring luck. These symbols are usually made by Tantric experts.

These lucky charms should be written or engraved on non-fading objects such as copper, silver or gold. The use of certain metals used is believed to increase the energy of the talisman.


These are 23 lucky charms or Yantras in other words, which we gathered from the information of the elders:

No Lucky Charm Purpose
1 Anchor This lucky symbol can be embroidered on clothes or made of necklaces. It can deliver safety, hope and luck to those who carry it.
2 Arrowhead Worn as a necklace, it could protect them from evil eyes and other evils.
3 Bangle Benefits to binding someone. If someone receives a bangle from another person and wears it, then she will be willing to become a slave to the giver.
4 Beads Used as self-protection against evil and also to give luck. The finest beads are made of Rudraksha, Tulsi, Sandalwood and Coral.
5 Bee Lucky jewellery, made off with the figure of a bee when worn will bring success in business, profession. users will also become more energetic, youthful and be able to win any speculation.
6 Bell The sound of the bell can scare away evil spirits. Most of the bells are rung in places of worship, using small bells that are used as necklaces, able to ward off evil spirits, disturbances and bad luck.
7 Clover A four-petal clover is believed to be an amulet of luck, fame, health and getting a faithful lover.
8 Dolphin Known as a mythological fish that is still alive today. Using Dolphin replicas will give the user success in music, literature or the arts. What would make a person a great artist?
9 Eye The symbol of the Sun, which denotes intelligence, strength and authority, luck and prosperity. The wearer will gain good fortune and wisdom, be under the protection of the Sun God and the all-seeing Eye of God.
10 Hand This amulet will make the wearer more friendly, generous, strong and also kind.
11 Horseshoe Used everywhere and when hung by the horns would be a powerful antidote against evil. His ability to dispel the evil effects of the planet Saturn and evil spirits. Horseshoe rings can also be used as charms. Horseshoes from black horses bring the best results. These are the most universal lucky charms.
12 Key Mostly used as amulets, keys to unlock Love, wealth and health.
13 Knot Showing the unbreakable bond between the wearer and the one who gave it, it is a symbol of unity.
14 Owl Symbol of wisdom and deep knowledge. Having a replica will give the wearer an owl-like quality.
15 Coin Remember that Scrooge McDuck had the lucky dollar coin? Although ordinary coins are not a source of luck, if written with a leap date or the image of Arjuna, will bring good luck to the person who has it.
16 Ring A symbol of endless eternity, a cycle keeps turning. If worn by a partner, indicates that the vows made by them should be kept forever.
17 Snake Its lucky charm replicas provide knowledge, wisdom, and means of healing from illness. People who want to succeed in art, study or healing should wear it.
18 Swastika Prosperous is the Sanskrit meaning, it can deliver luck and prosperity to the wearer, can be used as a necklace or ring, it can be made from copper, silver or gold.
19 Trident As a perfect lucky amulet, it will protect the one who uses it in the three worlds.
20 Idol Statue Statues of gods or worshipped idols that are considered sacred are able to attract good luck to the house of the person who brought them.
21 AUM One of the Bija (seed) of mantras that bring luck, prosperity, comfort and complete happiness. The letters AUM or OM can be worn as necklaces or rings, they can be made from any metal.
22 Planet  Saturn is known as one planet that brings bad luck, but the replica of the other planet gives the opposite, capable of neutralizing the effects of evil and giving a fortune to the wearer.
23 Zodiac sign Lucky charms bring happiness and prosperity, if engraved on certain metals will give a different effect.


Can people make their own talismans? Of course, this is allowed, as long as it provides benefits and is successful. However, you should not tell others what kind of amulet you are carrying, as it can be less effective for the wearer.

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